The moment two people see each other to the moment they turn to say goodbye, there is a control over how they will perceive each other. We all have biases, but when we initially encounter a new experience, there’s a blank canvas on how we will create ourselves to be. This is what people will see and how they will begin to shape what they view of us.

As a brand, it’s important to consider this as the initial encounter a person will have with your brand will immediately begin to shape how they view you. Starting from the roots, your brand must have a purpose. What is it that your brand stands for? What is the drive for why your brand must keep existing?

With this purpose, every single action that your brand takes will begin to stem from that, and there will be visible consistency. A more focused target audience will view this and begin to shape their opinion about your brand, and they now have a more solid foundation to base this off of instead of thinking about your brand based off of scattered information.

Looking at JST.B as an example, if there was no purpose for the brand, then there would be no stability as there is no backbone to keep everything else in tact. All the services that we offer would just be relying on a frail foundation that could easily fall apart becoming useless if there is no way to keep it up.

Our purpose is to simplify, unify and amplify yours. So we ask you: what is your purpose?