In relation to making positive impacts, we must be present. Having a mindset that is fully existing in the moment allows for a heart of genuine involvement. This is important to business owners because being authentic can lead to sustaining loyalty from customers and clients.


  1. Understand your environment. To be present is to fully understand your surroundings and understand what you’re saying through it. This can range from the tangible things of what you see, touch, and hear; to the intangible things of what you feel, think, and believe. This means that your environment or your work is an extension of your business’s message and promise.

  2. Be aware. Once you have an understanding of the environment, you must be aware of your business’s overall purpose of existence. This purpose will help direct you and the people around you to follow your vision. When the vision is clear, people are able to have integrity to the work, and to you.

  3. Take a breather. We live in a world that always wants more. We tend to crowd our to-do lists with things we have to do; forcing us to live in a world that is always in the future, or in a world that is constantly stuck in the past. We need to learn to stop, and just be, so that we can honestly engage with our current clients and customers.

Our company, JST.B, stands on the premise that we are here to take control of time, not to be overwhelmed by it. We collaborate with clients to gain a mindset of simplicity by creating trustworthy, current, and purpose driven brands. If you want to grow a loyal customer base, sit down with one of our consultants now to see what could be improved to stand out and stand for something!