ULTIMATELY, we want to make you more efficient, sustainable, and scalable...so you have more time to JST.B YOO

First, we hope everyone enjoyed ringing in 2015!   For those of us at JST.B, we have a little something extra to celebrate since the company was founded a year ago this week. 

With this in mind, we thought it would be fitting to write about JST.B’s mission and vision, and what it means to us to, well, “just be.”  JST.B believes that branding should be so much more than logos, fonts, and accessories.  Our vision has always been “to unify and amplify what people fight for.”  We aim to “unify” the client’s mission, niche, and experience with the people he or she serves and “amplify” the brand to the desired audience.  To us, the core mission of each business or organization we work with is something they “fight for” since they devote so much time and energy to accomplishing that mission. 

We hope that by working with JST.B, we will make each and every one of our clients’ endeavors more efficient, sustainable, and scalable.  We want you to have more time to “JST.B Yoo.”  When you’re able to just be yourself and use your unique talents and passions to pursue your goals and dreams, you can accomplish great things for yourself, your company or organization, and those you serve.

P.S. There’s no way we could properly end this blog without wishing a very happy birthday to our founder, the lovely JooEun Yoo (okay, it was Sunday, but still!)