You’ve got ideas constantly running through your mind. You find yourself always creating something. You believe in putting hard work into your products. You have surrounded yourself with other creatives, but may be seeking to meet more. You may even be looking for people to partner with you and your creative mind. Sound like you?

Consider joining the JST.B Creators network. This is for independent/freelance creatives to connect with other creatives and potential clients. Each member would receive a profile showcasing their information, style of work, equipment, and portfolio. Members would also receive access to view other profiles and their contact information. When clients seek one-time creative work, we will connect clients with profiles that best match the work needed. Once a member joins the network, they may not be connected with a client right away. This will be on a need-basis.

“What’s the catch?”

Our answer: there is none. JST.B is passionate about empowering Asian American creatives to have a voice in the business realm. We find value in amplifying their creative voices and work, and we find that we are in a position that enables us to do just that.



  • You’ve got the work. We’ll put it together for you. Your portfolio will be showcased in our exclusive list which gives you opportunities to showcase to our clients for possible opportunities.

  • Network with other JST.B Creators. In the creative process, we know how important it is to collaborate with and get inspiration from other creatives. We will hold quarterly meetings with other Creators to discuss and to network.

  • Get experience. Creators are creative people that represent high standards in work and ethics that align to the JST.B brand. Being a part of the Creators group gives you priority in being selected as a freelancer in client projects.


  • ELOQUENT CREATOR Not just someone who creates a product, but we desire to partner with people who share our values. As creators ourselves, we believe in making purpose-driven products and creating a positive experience with whoever encounters our services.

  • ASIAN AMERICAN We believe in the importance of empowering Asian Americans, and the necessity of furthering the mission to have more Asian American representation. We hope to utilize this opportunity to provide a space for Asian American creatives to thrive.

  • ETHICAL EXCELLENCE We believe in providing the highest quality of products in a ethical and timely manner. We want our list of profiles to represent the high quality work we equally strive to present at JST.B.





We will review applications based on the standards listed above, we will notify applicants as soon as possible.

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