For the event we hired JST.B to assist us in a campaign for our brand specifically targeting Instagram - this was successful in its objective and we would use this service again.

JST.B went above and beyond in helping us at E&C Events brand our products to expand our small business. They are growth-conscious business builders in the truest sense and professional to the highest degree. Their work was not only effective in tapping our resources toward expanding to different markets through calculated development, but their presence and leadership unified our staff under common goals making our own operations more effective. JST.B’s attention to detail into the nuances of our business and our unique market fostered trust in their strategies and it paid off generously. The strategies we used to make that a reality never strayed from our identity as a company, rather it reflected our strong reputation as quality design professionals in a way that made us more visible in existing and new markets. We now see prospective clients noticing our products in a whole new way. We could not have developed in the way we envisioned without the help of JST.B and now we’re a better company for it.

It was such a pleasure working with JST.B! Ms. JooEun is not only innovative in her approach to solving problems, but also very caring and passionate about what she does for others. It was an absolute honor for us to work with her and JST.B!

Jinsil Kim

JST.B is a great strategic branding company that assisted our company to develop in business outcomes. Working with a great consultant, JooEun Yoo was so innovative with ideas while also being enthusiastic, friendly, respectful, responsible and accountable. I feel so grateful to have partnered with and assisted by JST.B! 

Usaphea Horn

JST.B has been a great asset to Capitol Luggage. The branding process not only established the company's foundation, but also unified every employee within one vision and mission. 

Christina Han


JST.B is an innovative resource for marketing. A talented staff has helped me design a logo that is right for my audience. 

Tiffany Donaldson


Working with JST.B has been an incredible experience. JooEun has walked with us from the beginning not only as a talented consultant and branding expert, but as a caring and passionate friend. She has made Good Sower Foundation much of what it is today and we are grateful for having met such a wonderful person and company!

Claire Roh